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Flower of Life (Gold)

Flower of Life (Gold)


The flower of life is the geometric symbol of all sacred geometry . Containing the points , angles and lines of all shapes that create our realities . 

Lined with in a cycle of 19 over lapping circles & like the hexagon it has a 6 fold symmetry . The mathematical properties have been known to speak the language of the universe and used to converse through the centuries . Adopted religions , Eastern practitioners and shamans ; the power in the Flower / Seed / Egg / Fruit / Tree of life is undeniable 

Created with Picture Jasper as it’s main crystal . I made this piece to call in universal energy to help think “outside of the box “! Perfect for writers block , emotional blocks or any internal metaphysical unease .


Complimented by Picture Jasper / Citirine / Fluorite / Quartz / Shungite / Obsidian / Copper & Metal 

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