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Howlite Unicorn

Howlite Unicorn


created and intentioned with a calm mind , this Unicorn Orgonite piece is filled with: howlite , quartz , shungite , tormaline , copper , silver & iron


Different and unique in every way, this unicorn orgonite stands for all of different qualities .Pictured though out history, there is an energy that we can only try to imagine.


Keeping your aura clean and centered.



You will feel at ease with your individuality and will breeze through the day. Unicorns hold such a special place in all of our hearts. From fairytales to drawings, we've all seen the magic that is all around them. You embody that energy . You are the unicorn in your life And that makes it all so much more Orgonite;


Reducing anxiety, stress and insomnia. Aids in subsiding anger, elimination of mental pain and gets rid of electrical smog from (phones, computers, microwaves and other man made electronics )


Howlite - a stone of patience and relaxation. Easing the mind from anger, impatience and restlessness . Howlite creates an energy ideal for sleep or meditation . Keeping your mind focused and present , howlite brings a motivation without triggering anxiety  


Big Bless - Rae

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