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Iridescent Amethyst Bulb

Iridescent Amethyst Bulb


**Light base included !!


There is always light at the end of the tunnel , the sun comes back to shine , after the day comes the night ... there are many ways to state the higher energy that continues to fuel us spiritually . This art piece embodies , signifies and illuminates this sentiment . Inspired by inspiration , ive seen the dynamic changes life circumastances due to , The Light . Be the light in the darkness and part of joy in the Sun

Led Color
  • Crystals & Intentions

    Amethyst - has a strong spiritual force , with a tranquilizing energy protecting you from psychic attack , negative environments , energetic stress and sobers your mind from drunkenness . Assist with overcoming most codependent and overindulging habits. When using amethyst , meditation and opening your mind to its calming frequencies will allow you to acquire the opportunity of being your highest self ; viewing life calmly and with new insights. Overall amethyst is a stone of new beginnings , shifting your mind and spirit into alignment , bringing love into your heart and viewing life from your third eye.

    Rose Quartz- one of the most popular stones , known for its association to the heart chakra . Rose quartz draws love into your life through relationships and self love. Promoting unconditional love  , rose quartz is a stone filled with empathy and compassion.

    Quartz - is the most powerful of all crystals and the most unique. It absorbs, gives and takes energies; while unblocking them from being stuck in a rut. Quartz doubles your biomagnetic energy and dispels static electricity . Working at a vibration level that is able to attune to the specific needs required for positive healing to take place . Cleansing the soul, erasing karmic ties, and eliminating dis-ease ; quartz will align the chakass and put you back in the perfect state of being . Known for its clear look and energy ; Quartz sends the highest vibrations, even the small pieces radiate

    - Big Bless !

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