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Orgonite Pendant ( #77 )

Orgonite Pendant ( #77 )


Orgonite combines metals and crystals to create a fully functional piece of art ; used to align your chakras , balance your energy and cleanse your space . Stronger than just a crystal on its own ; using this in your home , car , bag , purse or wearing it on you .... it’s transformative

This piece was created using Quartz , Rose Quartz , Citrine , Shungite , Copper , Steel & Silver (emblem )

Quartz - is the most powerful of all crystals and the most unique. It absorbs, gives and takes energies; while unblocking them from being stuck in a rut. Quartz doubles your biomagnetic energy and dispels static electricity . Working at a vibration level that is able to attune to the specific needs required for positive healing to take place . Cleansing the soul, erasing karmic ties, and eliminating dis-ease ; quartz will align the chakass and put you back in the perfect state of being . Known for its clear look and energy ; Quartz sends the highest vibrations, even the small pieces radiate.

Rose Quartz- one of the most popular stones , known for its association to the heart chakra . Rose quartz draws love into your life through relationships and self love. Promoting unconditional love , rose quartz is a stone filled with empathy and compassion.

Citrine- one of the most powerful cleaning stones . Cleansing the aura, a room and other cystals ; its intention is to transform all that is dark into flowing light . Citrine works with the sacral chakra; responsible for confidence and self esteem , you will feel more inclined to make decisions that help your spiritual progression. Reminding you of the power in your individuality and the best ways to express it . Citrine works with energy personally as well as a community. The energy in this stone will assist with discernment, in situations you would like to grow from .

Shungite- known as the magicians stone, made of 98% carbon, also known to aid in the inhibiting of EMFs, or electromagnetic fields, that are the result of electromagnetic radiation (from computers , phones , blue light , etc...) Helping you feel better and getting rid of headaches, muscle pains, lowering blood pressure and inflammation. Carrying the energy of the earth Shungite has a mantra, which reads “my mind is pure, my spirit is clear" ; hiding you from bad luck and bringing you a clear space to fill with all you want to manifest .

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