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Pyrite Bulb

Pyrite Bulb


**Light base included !!


There is always light at the end of the tunnel , the sun comes back to shine , after the day comes the night ... there are many ways to state the higher energy that continues to fuel us spiritually . This art piece embodies , signifies and illuminates this sentiment . Inspired by inspiration , ive seen the dynamic changes life circumastances due to , The Light . Be the light in the darkness and part of joy in the Sun

LED Base
  • Crystals & Intention

    Sunstone - filled with joy , happiness , energy and good intention; sunstone restores faith and motivation . Known for its good luck , sunstone enforces self love for better attraction of "what's good for your soul". 

    Creating healthy boundaries and assisting with when and where to say "no", the use of sunstone brings us out of negative or unhealthy cycles and leads us to our positive discipline . Sunstone rids of anxiety and feelings of failure , to make room for optimism and self assurance .

    Pyrite - also known as "fools gold"; known for protecting the mind, body and soul from uneasy energy . Pyrite shines light on your best self and assist in finding confidence in all that you are . Its a fire stone , giving light and energy to all its around ; relieving anxiety , anger , and negatively over thinking . Pyrite gets to the root of the issue and strengthens you , where you may need assistance .

    Quartz - is the most powerful of all crystals and the most unique. It absorbs, gives and takes energies; while unblocking them from being stuck in a rut. Quartz doubles your biomagnetic energy and dispels static electricity . Working at a vibration level that is able to attune to the specific needs required for positive healing to take place . Cleansing the soul, erasing karmic ties, and eliminating dis-ease ; quartz will align the chakass and put you back in the perfect state of being . Known for its clear look and energy ; Quartz sends the highest vibrations, even the small pieces radiate.

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