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Star of David Pendant

Star of David Pendant


Used as a talisman , the 2 opposite pointing arrows represent the saying "As Above So Below ". To every action there is a reaction . All is in duality and this is your reminder . 

The union of both extremites creates a middle balance of energy and understanding. Furthering your spiritual journey within .


Mainly consisting of Fuschite , Malachite and Lapis Lazuli ; mixing the frequencies , bringing harmony to the Heart , Throat and Crown chakra . 

SKU: 364115376135191

    Crafted & Intentioned with  Fuschite , Lapiz Lazuli , Howlite , Citirine , Quartz , Shungite , Silver & Metals 

    Fuchsite- known as the “ healers healer” ; Fushite is a stone that works with your heard chakra. Bringing your mind body and spirit to a open and relaxed energy. Mentally Fuchsite promotes positive thoughts , happiness and love . Aids with a gentle direct energy , healing from trauma or emotional obstacles. Fuchsite reminds us that every moment counts and is an opportunity to grow .

    Lapis Lazuli (blue ) - The vibrant blue color of lapis has been used for centuries , capturing the eyes of Egyptians . They believed it opened the third eye and connected it to the throat chakra for deep communication . Enhancing spiritual power and bringing harmony within. Lapis is attributed to helping overcome imbalance from inner and outer world (mentally and spiritually)

    Howlite - a stone of patience and relaxation. Easing the mind from anger, impatience and restlessness . Howlite creates an energy ideal for sleep or meditation . Keeping your mind focused and present , howlite brings a motivation without triggering anxiety  .

    Citrine- one of the most powerful cleaning stones . Cleansing the aura, a room and other cystals ; its intention is to transform all that is dark into flowing light . Citrine works with the sacral chakra; responsible for confidence and self esteem , you will feel more inclined to make decisions that help your spiritual progression. Reminding you of the power in your individuality and the best ways to express it . Citrine works with energy personally as well as a community. The energy in this stone will assist with discernment, in situations you would like to grow from .

    Quartz - is the most powerful of all crystals and the most unique. It absorbs, gives and takes energies; while unblocking them from being stuck in a rut. Quartz doubles your biomagnetic energy and dispels static electricity . Working at a vibration level that is able to attune to the specific needs required for positive healing to take place . Cleansing the soul, erasing karmic ties, and eliminating dis-ease ; quartz will align the chakass and put you back in the perfect state of being . Known for its clear look and energy ; Quartz sends the highest vibrations, even the small pieces radiate.

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