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Turquoise Hemp Pendant

Turquoise Hemp Pendant


Turqouise- one of the most efficient healing stones ; getting you to communicate with your higher self and spirit guides . Tuning your third eye to work with your throat chakra . Feeling closer to self will bring a better understanding of your past , future and present self ; with past lives included. Radiating empathy and understanding Turquoise will break down self sabatoge ,align your chakras , and bring you confidence to speak in front of groups of people. Stronger, confident and calmly asserting your truth ; Turquoise is a great healer from depression and letting yourself go with the flow.

Peridot- works with your aura and keeps evil spirits far away from you. Helping you get over things you cannot control; from past experiences to people. Letting go of anything that doesn't serve your greater purpose is the intention. Negative patterns and habits will be swayed , nightmares will slowly go away and you will come to peace with feelings that pull you down (anger, jealousy, obsession, resentment and aggression) . Peridot will put your heart first and allow you to focus on you , taking responsibility for your life and improve your closest relationships .

Quartz - is the most powerful of all crystals and the most unique. It absorbs, gives and takes energies; while unblocking them from being stuck in a rut. Quartz doubles your biomagnetic energy and dispels static electricity . Working at a vibration level that is able to attune to the specific needs required for positive healing to take place . Cleansing the soul, erasing karmic ties, and eliminating dis-ease ; quartz will align the chakass and put you back in the perfect state of being . Known for its clear look and energy ; Quartz sends the highest vibrations, even the small pieces radiate.

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