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What is SpiritSnowflake

Spirit Snowflake started off as a vision in 2017. After encompassing a collective view on life , through experience. Going on my own personal journey I learned most , from the eyes of the universe . Hearing , seeing and feeling the energy of another beings as I learn myself ; Your very existence is evidence of journey only You can truly understand .


From the outside perspective , I've learned many of us connect and relate in deeper ways , much larger than our differences . All in the same , those differences are how we identify who we are .

Spending the past decade studying Astrology , Numerology , Geometry , Astronomy and a vast amounts of Religions & Spiritual Practices ; Spirit Snowflake has been the vessel to share the visions and energy seen , felt and exchanged . Combining the tools of knowledge available  into functional art. Created to assist in balancing enegry ; for any individual . Through symbolism (Sacred Geometry) color theory (Fengshui)  intention and planetary alignments (Natal Chart).

Just as tree bears fruit and all fall as they may , the roots will always touch - Ray

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